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The Defamation Act 2009 reformed this area of law. The Act defined Defamation as “The publication of a statement that tends to injure a person’s reputation in the eyes of reasonable members of society”.

Legal proceedings must be brought within one year from the publication date except in some exceptional cases where a two year period is possible. Publication can occur in many different forms – through the spoken word, the written word, emails, blogs, social media, photographs or video clips.

The internet is yet another means for the publication of such statements and special regulations apply to the legal duty on internet service providers in relation to the removal of defamatory content. 

Our experts can help you with advice and representation in the following areas:

  • False arrest/detention
  • Privacy invasion
  • Books, fiction and non-fiction
  • Wrongful accusation of shoplifting or leaving a restaurant without paying

With over 40 years’ experience working in the area of Defamation, our experienced solicitors offer a dedicated service to those who have had their reputation injured as a result of a defamatory statement.